Wedding Dress Cleaning

We are a wedding dress specialist ensuring our customers the best expert cleaning service possible.

We inspect your wedding dress for stains and manually remove them before cleaning the dress.

We recommend cleaning your dress as soon as possible for successful stain removal!

Once cleaned, we re-inspect the dress to decide whether further treatment is necessary.

Once the cleaning process is complete we then hand finish your wedding dress.

Our Wedding Dress Cleaning Service ranges from £60 to £140. Our Boxing Service starts from £58.

If you need alterations made to your wedding dress we can also provide this service!

We recommend storing your dress in a box which includes acid free tissue paper – this ensures your dress is preserved in the best possible way and prevents the dress from yellowing.

Our boxes include a see through cover so it is possible to view your dress without taking your dress out the box – a great way to show your dress off after your special day!

For more information on cleaning your wedding dress and pricing information please call or email us. Or text us on 07848 039 960 with a photo of your wedding dress to give you a quote.

Free collection & delivery provided for this service.